2017-18 War On I-4 Schedule

9/23 7 p.m (M) Soccer Tampa, Fla. Golden Goal Leads USF over UCF, 3-2 2OT USF 6-0
10/27 7 p.m (W) Soccer Orlando, Fla. UCF Earns The American Title in Draw vs. USF, 1-1 2OT USF 9-3
10/28 All Day Cross Country Philadelphia, Pa. UCF Earns Six Points at Cross Country Championships Tie 9-9
11/22 7 p.m. Volleyball Orlando, Fla. UCF Sweeps USF, 3-0 UCF 12-9
11/24 3:30 p.m. Football Orlando, Fla. Knights Take War On I-4 Football Trophy UCF 18-9
11/25 7 p.m. Volleyball Tampa, Fla. UCF Posts 3-0 Victory at USF UCF 21-9
1/14 12 p.m. (W) Basketball Tampa, Fla. Bulls Take Game One in War on I-4 Series UCF 21-12
1/20 6 p.m. (M) Basketball Tampa, Fla. B.J. Taylor Takes Over In Win At USF UCF 24-12
2/14 6 p.m. (M) Basketball Orlando, Fla. Davis, Taylor Lead Knights to War On I-4 Win UCF 27-12
2/18 12 p.m. (W) Basketball Orlando, Fla. Bulls Claim All Six Points in War On I-4  UCF 27-15
2/23-2/24 All Day Track & Field Birmingham, Ala. Knights Add Three War On I-4 Points UCF 30-15
4/4 3 p.m. (W) Tennis Tampa, Fla. Knights Extend Win Streak in 4-1 Win Over USF UCF 36-15
4/15 5:30 p.m. (M) Tennis Orlando, Fla. Bulls Win War on I-4 Battle UCF 36-21
4/15-4/17 All Day (W) Golf Palm Coast, Fla. Knights Clinch Second Straight War On I-4 Series UCF 42-21
4/20 6:30 p.m. Baseball Tampa, Fla. Round One to UCF UCF 44-21
4/21 6:30 p.m. Baseball Tampa, Fla. Late USF Homer Evens Series UCF 44-23
4/22 1:00 p.m. Baseball Tampa, Fla. USF Takes War On I-4 Weekend Series UCF 44-25
4/22-4/24 All Day (M) Golf Palm Harbor, Fla. Bulls Win American Title UCF 44-31
4/27 4:30 p.m. Softball Tampa, Fla. Fung Grand Slam, 12 Strikeouts by Corrick Power USF to a 4-1 War on I-4 Victory UCF 44-33
4/28 4:00 p.m. Softball Tampa, Fla. Evening the Series UCF 46-33
4/29 11 a.m. Softball Tampa, Fla. Bulls Win War on I-4 Series UCF 46-35
5/11-5/13 All Day Track & Field Cincinnati, Ohio Knights Collect Final Three War on I-4 Points UCF 49-35

* Schedule subject to change. All times are Eastern. 

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